my first trip to the aquarium

my parents’ friends josh and alexis came up to visit me!  they wanted to go to the aquarium, so i said “sure!”  my mom was excited because she could dress me in in an aquarium outfit.  it had a whale on the butt. 

thanks ma for the outfit!

it was pretty cool — all dark and stuff so i could focus on things that were lit up, like little fishies in tanks.  we listened to some divers talk about sharks and then i fell asleep.  it was so dark and cozy in there! 



there were lots of cool things there.  we saw this really weird turtle that i don’t remember the name of, and there were toads glued to the side of the glass.  neat stuff!  i’ll be excited to go again when i can tell my parents how cool everything is!

crazy turtle thing

crazy turtle thing


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