i enjoy a cool breeze

this weekend we went to bowling green and stayed with mamaw and papaw.  it was my first long trip.  there was lots of wind left over from the hurricane, so i enjoyed a nice breeze while laying under the tree on saturday morning.  i enjoyed listening to the leaves and feeling the air on my face… so much so that when we came home on sunday the only way i could fall asleep was to go outside in the crazy wind!

laying outside with papaw

laying outside with papaw

i got to go to a birthday party for berkley – she turned one this weekend!  i didn’t get a lot of sleep.  i was too interested in all these people and everything else going on around me.  

berkley is a messy girl!

berkley is a messy girl!

berkley’s mommy crystal says i have lips like angelina jolie… is that a good thing?  i sure didn’t get that from my mom.  she has thin lips.  people still debate over who i look like more… mom or dad.  apparently they were twins as babies because people say i look just like each one of them when they were a baby.  still not sure what color my hair will be.  i now have a bald spot in the back where i’ve slept.


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