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ice cream!

mommy’s friend erin has a mister softee truck.  when we came home from school she was on our street.  what luck!  this meant that i was finally going to get to try ice cream, that is, if my mom didn’t eat it all first.  i was taking a nap inside while mom talked to her friend.  when she came back, she gave me the rest of her cup.  vanilla ice cream is yummy!  only a few more weeks until i get to have some cake…

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birthday wishes

woodland climber

woodland climber

lookout treehouse

lookout treehouse

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these shoes are made for walkin’…

mommy bought me my first pair of tennis shoes this weekend and i wore them today!  i had trouble walking in them this morning but that’s because she put them on the wrong feet. 🙂   how silly!  once miss cherry got my shoes on right, i ran all over the place.  i didn’t try to take off my shoes all day!  not that i try to take any other shoes off…  i’ll walk around and climb on stuff no matter what’s on my feet.

this afternoon i ran all through the hallways at school and tried to go into the boys bathroom four times but everybody kept pulling me out!

i finally blew kisses today!  i’ve been stingy, only kissing my hand but not blowing them off.  now i’m sending kisses everywhere.  maybe you’ll get one.

there are all kinds of pictures i need to share… mommy is really slow at uploading them from the camera.

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