friday was my birthday.  YAY FOR ME!  one year never looked so good.  i had a party yesterday and people came to see me and play with me.  lots of thanks to everyone who ate mommy’s pasta salad and to those who brought me gifts.  i like to play with things!

i know you all are wondering what i got, so here’s my loot:

mamaw and papaw – the woodland climber that you voted for!  i secretly liked it the best too.  i can climb up the ladder and slide down the slide all by myself!  i love standing up in the fort.  i’m so tall.

ma, papa, and danielle – a v-tech nursery rhyme book.  i love books!!! and this one sings to me and i can dance.  it’s awesome!

miss cherry and kadi – this  super cool playskool jungle whack-a-mole thing.  i hit the buttons and jungle animals climb up the trees.  i’m supposed to use a hammer but my hands work better.

merideth and toby – lots of yard sale clothes.  can you belive she got two bags full of clothes for $2.  wow!  mommy loves yard sales.

great aunt shannon and uncle randy – a savings bond and a cool safari puzzle!  i play with it in the living room.  i really like the chunky pieces.

great aunt nelda and uncle reggie – cute outfits!  i like yellow!

many, many thanks to everyone for my gifts!

i got my very own cake, which was very yummy.  i love chocolate, and the icing was very chocolatey!  mom will post pictures soon.


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