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things are going well on the road to my second birthday!  i love telling my parents good night and cuddling with all my stuffed animals in my crib.

boxes are awesome!

we’ve been staying home a lot lately because of the snow – mommy doesn’t have school.  today we went to the library and i attended my first “toddler time.”  i used to go to baby time, but at this class we get to do crafts!  today we learned about the color orange and got to mix red and yellow play-doh.  we still get to play with bubbles and shakies like in the other class.  it was fun!

i’m learning more and more words every day.  here are some of the new words that my parents really understand:  spongebob, snack, please, wall, dog, cartoon.

playing in the kitchen i got for christmas


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tooth count

i’ve had these for a while, but my mom is a slacker in updating.

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