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my 2nd birthday

thanks to everyone who came out for my birthday last saturday!  we had lots of fun and food.  here are some pics:

we put spongebob's arms in the wrong place

opening a present from my mamaw and papaw

i LOVED opening the cards!

getting a card from berkley


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i really like the camera.  it’s cool to take and look at pictures.  today while we were taking my lion pictures, mommy showed me how to use the camera.

picture i took with mommy's help

i like to get close up to things to take their picture.  for a while i held my hand over the lens, but mom helped me out and showed me a better way to hold it.  here are some of my shots:

i call this one "the chair, some books, and the floor"

this one is "sir fidel with crimson shadow"

this one is "the feet of the king"

i’m pretty awesome, right?

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tuesday playdates

this summer i’m going to stringtown park every tuesday morning to play with friends.  mommy gets to hang out with her friends and most importantly, i get to play with my best bud tyler!  this tuesday after playtime we had lunch at wendy’s and went to sam’s club to get yummy snacks!

we love oranges!

shopping is way more fun with a friend!  we got to ride together in the buggy, chase each other down the aisle, and help push the cart around the store!

hanging out with my buddy tyler

mom also thought it was fun to mess with my hair.  since it was so hot outside, my head was all kinds of wet and we could make it do silly things.

mommy tried for a mohawk, but this is what she got

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this morning i put on my shoes ALL BY MYSELF!

i’ve been working on it for a while.  daddy says they’re on backwards, but i think they feel fine.  who says that a shoe is supposed to go on a specific foot?

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i love the zoo!

so we have super ultimate zoo passes for this year.  maybe i’ve said this before.    i love the animals!  today was especially cool because i got to touch them!

blame my mom for the absence of pictures.

they moved the children’s zoo, and thanks to help from my friend tyler’s mommy tara,  we finally found it today.  i saw a big tortoise walking around, but didn’t want to touch it.  what’s cool about touching a shell?  i did, however, pet a milk snake.  it felt so cool!  then we went into the barnyard area and i got to pet goats and sheep.  i even got to brush their hair with a special brush.  i had to make sure that i pet each and every animal in there.  they were totally awesome!

my birthday is in a week and a half.  go me!

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